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How will the school be financed?2021-06-14T16:02:36-04:00

PACE Academy will apply for a 3-year planning and implementation grant from the South Carolina Department of Education. Once open, we will receive state and federal dollars based on per-pupil allotments.

PACE Academy is also a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that eligible donations, including gifts-in-kind, are tax-deductible.  To support PACE Academy, click the button below.

What grades will attend PACE Academy?2021-07-12T14:17:14-04:00

PACE Academy plans to do a gradual implementation of grades k-8 over a 3-year-span. We are expecting to enroll grades 3-7 in our first year (2021-2022) because most children are not identified until after 2nd grade. We plan to add grades 2 and 8 our second year (2022-2023) and add kindergarten and 1st grade our 3rd year (2023-2024). However, the first year of enrollment will be based on community need, so the grade levels may shift if the need varies. Please fill out this form to show your need.

Where will PACE Academy be located?2020-05-04T02:19:34-04:00

While our permanent location has not yet been selected, we would like to stay in the Northeast Columbia area.  However, that is subject to change based on funds and building availability.

What school district will PACE Academy be in?2020-05-04T02:19:34-04:00

PACE Academy will be a South Carolina public charter school, which means any South Carolina resident may apply to attend. However, we expect most students to be from Richland School District 1, Richland School District 2, Kershaw County School District, Fairfield County School District, or Sumter School District.

What curriculum will be used at PACE Academy?2020-05-04T02:19:35-04:00

PACE will ensure all teachers and classroom assistants are trained in multi-sensory, structured pedagogy, with the Orton-Gillingham Approach and are taught to implement such programs with intensity and fidelity. Teachers and classroom assistants will be provided with training in best practices and curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of dyslexic learners while meeting the needs of all learners. They will also be taught to use assessments to guide and differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs of all students. Students at PACE Academy will strive to master South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards to build a strong educational foundation that will enable them to succeed in their future college and career paths.

What is a charter school?2020-05-04T02:19:35-04:00

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that allow for unique learning environments yet still hold schools and students accountable to state standards.

What is dyslexia?2020-05-04T02:19:35-04:00

Dyslexia is a neurobiological learning disability that affects 1 in 5 people. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. There are many signs for dyslexia, despite the common misconception that it is simply getting letters or numbers backward. For example, a child with dyslexia may have trouble rhyming words or remembering the names of letters. They may also replace words or use words that have no connection to the words they see on the page (ex. Saying “kitten” instead of “cat” when “cat” is clearly written on the page).

For more information on common signs of dyslexia, check out these sites:

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