Lottery Registration

Completing this application means your child will be registered for the lottery at PACE Academy.  If the number of applications surpasses the number of available seats, a public lottery will be held Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 6 PM via zoom.  If the number of applications does not surpass the number of seats available, your child will be given a seat at PACE.  Once all seats have been awarded, a waiting list will be established.

Frequently Asked Question

Charter schools typically only take a certain number of students. If more students apply than the school has open spots, a lottery will need to take place.  A lottery is a random drawing of students for a specific grade level.

At PACE Academy, we have designated 32 spots for each grade level. If 32 or fewer students apply for a specific grade, nothing extra will happen; all students will be accepted. However, if more than 32 students apply for a specific grade, a lottery will occur.

PACE Academy will begin accepting entries for the lottery on July 1, 2020. The lottery application period will close on October 31, 2020.

In November 2020, a special public meeting will be held to draw names for the lottery. Parents will be notified their child’s name was selected if they cannot attend the meeting. Parents will have 2 weeks to provide the school with proper documentation of the child’s reading disability to be eligible for enrollment. If PACE does not receive the proper documentation within 2 weeks, the students name will be dropped to the bottom of the list and an alternate will move up.

What priorities will be given?

1st Tier Priority

PACE Academy is an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) with the primary goal to serve students who have dyslexia or specific learning disability (SLD) in reading. Because of this mission, PACE will give priority to students with a formal diagnosis of dyslexia/SLD in reading. Students who do not have a diagnosis but have documentation showing signs of dyslexia will also be given priority.

2nd Tier Priority

Children in second tier priority will only be considered if the grade to which the child applies is not full.  Preferences in the second-tier lottery are as follows in this order if the child does not meet the definition of the AEC:

  • sibling applicant(s) of a currently enrolled and attending student
  • children of employees
  • child(ren) of the PACE Charter Committee members and employees, not to exceed 20% of the total enrollment for that year (Charter Committee members’ children have priority for enrollment throughout the duration of the ten-year charter);

DOUBLE Priority

Students who have double priority are defined as having met one of the first tier and second tier categories.  For example, a student whose parent is on the planning committee or an employee and has an IEP.  This student would move to the top of the list before students with only first tier priority and will not be randomly drawn.