Yes!  The following is what we have currently planned.  Since the building plans are not totally finalized, this place can shift.

  1. How many administrative / support offices? We currently have 16 spaces that are designated as office.  This includes conference rooms as well.
  2. How many drops per office?  This can vary based on the type of office, but most offices in the facility will have between 1 and 2 drops.  A data and phone drop.
  3. Where is the front desk going to be located? The front desk will be located in the front office to the far left in the plans. This is subject to change.
    • How many people will be working at the front desk? Currently it is anticipated that only 1 person will be working the front desk at a time.
    • Will there be a printer in the front office area? Yes, there will be a multi-use copier / printer in the front office area.
  4. Is the expectation for an access point in every classroom? Yes
  5. Where will the teacher desk be located in each classroom? The desk will be located in each classroom based on the existing floor plan, and is subject to change.
    • Does the phone and data go by the teacher desk or does data go elsewhere in the room? Data drops, including phone are indicated on the IT pathway floor plan.  In most cases, the phone is located next to the drop and the data and AP drops are located in the same wall, at different heights (60 in & 180 in).
  6. Will each classroom have a projector or Interactive flat panel / TV?  Each classroom is anticipated to have a Interactive flat panel TV.
  7. Will each classroom have a phone? Yes
  8. Will each classroom have a speaker for the intercom? No
    • How about the office area? N/A