Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order/Welcome (Stephen Wilson)
    Motion: Approve Previous Board Meeting Minutes
  2. Board Member Attendance Roll Call (Michelle Crane)
  3. Project Updates (Traci Bryant-Riches & Melissa Rabon)
    1. P&I Grant Application Process Update
      Awarded $125,000 for planning phase of P&I grant
    2. Building Update –  Meeting with Investor
    3. RFP Update & Recommendation
    4. Marketing Update/Student Registrations
  4. Charter District Contract
    Motion: Approve revised SC Public Charter District Contract
  5. Public Comment Policy
    Motion: Approve Policy on Public Comments in Board Meetings
  6. Conflict of Interest Policy
    Motion: Approve Policy regarding Conflict of Interest for Board of Directors
  7. Future Meeting scheduled for September 3rd @ 6:30 PM.
  8. Close Meeting
    Motion: Adjourn Meeting

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