Date & Time: Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting (

Phone: +1 929 205 6099   Meeting ID: 938 9414 3318   Password: 107590

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order/Welcome (Stephen Wilson)
  2. Board Member Attendance Roll Call (Sally Thornton)
  3. Previous Board Meeting Minutes (10/21/2021)
    Motion: Approve Previous Board Meeting Minutes
  4. Public Comment
    • Rules for Public Comment during Board Meetings
      • Each speaker has up to 3 minutes to speak;
      • Speakers may not address an individual board member directly;Speakers may not ask questions of the Board;
      • Personnel issues should not be addressed in Public Forum;Board members / School Staff may not engage speakers in discussion;
      • Disruptive/abusive language or behavior is not permitted.
  5. Executive Director Report (Melissa Rabon)
  6. RFP for Auditors (Melissa Rabon)
  7. Procurement Policy (Melissa Rabon)
  8. New Board Election (Stephen Wilson)
  9. Executive Session (if needed)
    • Contracts, Personnel, etc
  10. Next meeting scheduled for December 16 at 6:30 PM. Location will be virtual.
  11. Close Meeting
    Motion: Adjourn Meeting

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