September 4, 2020


Contractor Selected

Columbia, South Carolina – On July 29, 2020, the Board of Directors for PACE Academy release a Request for Qualifications/Proposal to find a contractor to renovate the facility at 6015 North Main Street, Columbia, South Carolina.

Four highly qualified proposals were received by the Project Director, Traci Bryant-Riches, by August 15, 2020, making it extremely difficult for the Board of Directors to narrow down their selection. Given the difficulty of the decision to be made, the PACE Facilities Committee conducted interviews of all contractors who submitted a proposal.

“After receiving four solid proposals from highly qualified building contractors, it was hard to narrow it down to just one,” Jonathan Pace, board member, said. “They had all built great looking and functional schools in their portfolios. Therefore, we felt like

we needed to ask additional questions and meet with them to assure we chose the team that would best fit our goals and needs. Even then, it was still difficult to narrow down.  However, I’m confident we will be happy with the results once the project is completed.”

After the interviews were completed, the facilities committee narrowed down their decision to two contractors and asked them to submit more information regarding pricing and fees that could be expected moving forward.

“The board wanted to make sure they would select not only the most-qualified contractor but also the contractor that would

have the best financial plan for the school as well,” Stephen Wilson, board chair, said.

After reviewing the final submissions from both contractors, the Facilities Committee reviewed the information and made a recommendation to the entire Board of Directors in a special-called board meeting on Sunday, August 30, 2020. After reviewing the information presented, the Board of Directors agreed to accept the proposal offered by Contract Construction in Irmo, South Carolina.

“Contract Construction is honored to be a part of the Midlands 1st tuition free Dyslexia school,” Greg Hughes, President, Contract Construction, said. “The PACE Academy project is a very important project for us because it will provide specialized instruction to children with learning differences.  This project will fulfill a huge need in our community and will help springboard talented individuals to their next stage in life.  Our experience team will work closely with the PACE Academy Administration to ensure a purposeful design for a learning environment that will maximize the programs being offered.  We look forward to watching the kids arrive in July 2021!”

Over the next several months, Traci Bryant-Riches, PACE Project Director, will work closely with Melissa Rabon, PACE Executive Director, and Delisa Clark, Contract Construction’s Director of Pre-Construction Services and Quality Assurance, to ensure the project is successful.

“Contract Construction is very excited to partner with PACE Academy to provide this much needed program to families in the Midlands,” Delisa Clark, said. “As a grandparent of a child with dyslexia, I have seen the challenges faced by students and their families.  To have a school that will focus on providing skills and opportunities to students who learn differently will be a game changing experience to set them up for future success. The chance to repurpose a building allows for the incorporation of sustainability objectives to the project and contributes to revitalizing the North Main Street Corridor, which is an added benefit to the Midlands!”