August 25, 2020


Building Contract

Columbia, South Carolina – After a thorough search over an eight-month period, the founding board members of PACE Academy have finally found what they hope becomes their forever home.

“The location of PACE sits perfectly in the city to serve the needs of all children who do not always have access to unique programs such as what PACE offers,” Jodi Zeis, vice chairperson, said. “It is also easily accessible to multiple major highways, allowing accessibility for children from multiple Midlands locations, as well as surrounding areas outside the Midlands.”

On August 21, 2020, a contract was signed for a facility located at 6015 North Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The team will now begin the due diligence phase of approximately 150 days to ensure the facility passes all inspections prior to beginning construction.

“In international building codes, schools have the highest-level regulations of any other building type,” Traci Bryant-Riches, project director said. “Although this due diligence period may seem long to parents, it is extremely important that we make sure our facility is completely safe and ready for our students to enter next fall.”

Once the facility has passed all the due diligence inspections, the construction phase will begin. The Board Facilities Committee is in the process of interviewing potential contractors and hopes to have a selection made by the end of the month.


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