Debbie Bond w/ Apollo
Science Teacher

Students call me Doc B. and I always have my sidekick Apollo in tow. I have a BA in Mathematics and Physical Sciences (minor in Computer Science) from Wells College. I awarded the Zabriski Science Award in 1997 for my work on proving that a nxn binary matrix’s determinate did not follow the typical Fibonacci pattern. My MA, from Santa Clara University, was in Interdisciplinary education with a CLAD (Cultural, Language and Diversity) concentration, and was inducted into the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society; a prestigious Jesuit Honor Society. My ABD is from Syracuse University in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation. I was the leader in the field of online survey development and design using SQL to collect and analyze data. Further for ‘fun’ I have a Cordon Bleu Certificate and a TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate.

I have taught K – 12, and all the way thru PhD students. My favor three college courses to teach were Multi-media Message Design, Statistical Thinking, and Mathematics, Nature and Art. My favorite k-12 classes are anything math or science. But I love Physics.

Most of my publications over the last 25 years focus on teaching students with dyslexia the skills they need in math and science. Much of my studies for this took place at the University or York and Sheffield University, where I was asked to teach while working with Parliament on the implementation of the 2001 SENDA (Special Education Needs and Disability ACT) act for the implementation of online classes at Universities.

I love to play the piano, violin and hockey. I also love my service dog, and taking him for long walks. Finally, I love working at PACE. This is a place where a dyslexic adult is accepted with open arms, and I have 4 classes who I can be honest with, they understand when I say, I think I need to look that word up and dissect it!