Palmetto Achievement Center for Excellence (PACE) Academy charter school, an Alternative Education Campus (AEC), provides evidence-based, multi-sensory, structured language instruction to students in grades 2 – 8 in the South Carolina Midlands.


Though there are many factors that contribute to the low literacy rate of students in South Carolina, one highly over-looked reason is the research-backed fact that…

…1 in 5 people have some level of dyslexia.

The primary goal of PACE Academy is for all students to learn to read effectively and efficiently. With this goal in mind, PACE ensures all teachers and classroom assistants are trained in best practices and curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of dyslexic learners while meeting the needs of all learners. Students at PACE Academy are required to master South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards to build a strong educational foundation that will set them up for success academically and beyond.

The South Carolina School Report Card is one way of tracking each school’s progress in South Carolina. However, at PACE, 79% of our student population consists of students with documented disabilities. Research shows that students with learning disabilities traditionally do not do well on standardized tests. Therefore, at PACE, we track our improvement by tracking students’ reading improvements. We are also held accountable by specific academic goals we set with our authorizer, the South Carolina Public Charter School District. For more information about that accountability measure, click HERE.

You can find the school report card information here.

State in the Nation for Reading Scores.

of South Carolina 4th Graders scored proficient or higher on the reading assessment.


of South Carolina 8th Graders scored proficient or higher on the reading assessment.


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Despite the difficulties people with dyslexia face academically, research has shown there is no connection between their overall intelligence and their ability to read. In fact, PACE Academy believes there are many advantages to having dyslexia. Many famous dyslexics, like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and many more, are celebrated for their intelligence and have shaped the world we live in today. PACE Academy firmly believes dyslexia is a gift and if given the proper tools for success, every child with dyslexia will agree!

Our mission is to ensure all students master foundational reading skills along with South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards to reach their full potential both in and out of the classroom.

Although people with dyslexia have average to above-average intelligence, they continuously struggle academically in traditional educational settings because these programs are not set up to meet the specific needs of children with dyslexia. Extensive research has continuously proven that a structured, evidence-based literacy program implemented with fidelity by well-trained teachers and support staff is the most effective way to empower students with dyslexia to obtain academic success.   PACE Academy believes that by providing our students with this type of instruction, we can ensure all students, with or without dyslexia, master foundational reading skills necessary for academic success and life outside the classroom.

PACE Academy is committed to ensuring all teachers and classroom assistants are trained in multi-sensory, structured pedagogy with the Orton-Gillingham Approach and are taught to implement such programs with intensity and fidelity.

Dyslexia and related learning challenges are characteristics of most PACE Academy students but will not be viewed as obstacles preventing their mastery of South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards and literacy skills. PACE Academy curriculum and programs are specifically and intentionally designed to meet the needs of dyslexic learners.  PACE respects the unique talents each student brings and pledges to work tirelessly to ensure that they achieve the academic, technical, and social skills necessary to accomplish their future educational and career goals through a supportive and motivational environment that emphasizes specialized, systematic, multi-sensory, and individualized instruction. PACE Academy will fill the void that dyslexic students have historically encountered in traditional public school systems and will enable students to achieve academic excellence.

The Board of Directors and Administrative team make a commitment to honor the uniqueness of each individual at PACE Academy. We embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong, inclusive community and to prepare students for lives in a multicultural society. We hold strong to the belief that every child and employee shall be accepted regardless of race, culture, religion, creed, citizenship, socio-economic status, disability, medical status, sexual orientation, or identity. And we dedicate ourselves to promoting excellence and equity for every person involved with PACE Academy.

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf,

& the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

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