Palmetto Achievement Center for Excellence (PACE Academy)

Melissa Rabon



March 1, 2023



PACE Academy Plants the Moon and Receives Society of Science Grant

Columbia, South Carolina – Over the course of the last few months, Dr. Debbie Bond, ABD, has been working with her students at PACE Academy to simulate planting seeds on the moon. This was all made possible by being one of only 5 schools in South Carolina to receive the grant for the equipment to do this. 

“This experiment has been very exciting to the students,” Dr. Bond said. “They enjoy learning in different fun and exciting ways and are excited everyday to see if the plants have grown.”

Each grant recipient was sent everything they needed to be successful in planting something on the moon. Dr. Bond put together a group of 7 students and they created their own simulation, even designing their own vessel to hold the plant. 

“It is very fun to watch the plants grow in space dust and see how they grow.” Lilli Thornton, a 7th grader, said. “It makes me wonder how many different plants could grow on the moon and if they would be edible.”

In addition to the Plant the Moon Challenge, Dr. Bond has also was one of 41 schools in the country to receive the Society of Science grant. This allows students to learn more about coding, engineering, and other STEM curriculum. 

“Students will be exposed to programming languages, which is important when teaching students with learning disabilities. For some, coding language may even be easier to interpret than written languages, such as English.” Bond said.

PACE Academy strives to help students with learning disabilities excel in other ways than traditional learning. By having teachers like Dr. Bond, the school is able to create a unique and effective learning environment that is catered to their needs. This makes a big difference in student moral and overall motivation in subjects. 

“I want the students to feel successful in the STEM related curriculum, no matter their learning disability. It is important for them to see that it is possible to become an engineer or even an astronaut.”