Pending Purple Star School

As a result of our commitment to supporting military families and students of servicemen and women, PACE Academy is currently applying to be the FIRST Public Charter School in the Midlands to receive the Purple Star designation.

As of April 24, 2024, PACE is now proudly a part of the Military Child Education Coalition!
This page contains links and resources for military families.

Criteria for Purple Star Designation (SC Department of Education)

  • Assign a designated liaison to be a single point of contact for military families and military-connected students who is trained to support issues that face military families, including relocation, deployment, loss, and academic training

  • Create a website specifically for military families to provide current information about schools and the district
  • Adhere to the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission to ensure that students receive transfer credit from previous schools so they will not have to retake classes
  • Ensure that transfer students can participate in sports, clubs, and other school enrichment programs
  • Provide specialized training for school counselors, staff, and administrators.

PACE Welcomes Military Families!

Any parent or guardian who is an active-duty member of the armed forces of the United States or is part of the Reserve Armed Forces may establish residence and add their scholar to the enrollment lottery. PACE’s annual open enrollment period is January – February each year, with the Spring Lottery held annually on the first Wednesday of April following spring break. Simply provide a copy of a military order requiring your transfer to a military installation in or adjacent to our school district’s attendance zone. The parent or guardian has up to 90 days of the arrival date specified in the order to provide PACE with proof of residency.

Our Liaisons

Brandon Reilly


Adrian Peay


Interested in Joining PACE Academy in the 24-25 School Year?