Palmetto Achievement Center for Excellence (PACE Academy)
Melissa Rabon


December 2, 2022


 Jada Samuel, Miss Columbia Visits PACE Academy

Columbia, South Carolina – On Friday, December 22, 2022, Jada Samuel, the current Miss Columbia came to speak to middle school girls about confidence and goals. She spoke on self-image, how important it is to give back to the community, and how to face adversity in the world.

“It was awesome for our students to have the opportunity to hear from a person who has worked so hard to mentor and better the community around her,” Kailey Mitchell, Sixth Grade Teacher, said. “I think that the sixth-grade girls gained a lot from the experience, and we are so thankful for Jada and her willingness to come speak to them.”

Jada Samuel answered individual and group questions that the students came up with. She answered the questions with honesty and compassion. She helped the students realize that it is okay to be different.

“I learned that it doesn’t matter about your looks or your background,” Amor Mangual, sixth-grade student, said. “All that matters is what is inside your heart and the good that you want to do in the world.”

PACE Academy is honored to have influential members of the community come and speak to students about different topics that are not spoken about as often in a school setting. This allows the students to gain a larger perspective on the world around them and the school is incredibly grateful for the continuous support of the community.

“I think it was great for the students to see and hear from such n empowering young woman,” Brittney Holland, seventh and eighth grade teacher, said. “She spoke about her own personal differences that she has and how she embraces them and encourages others to share their differences as well and I think that that made a big impact on the students.”