Description: A Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist provides prevention, assessment and remediation services, utilizing correct due process procedures, for any students displaying communication disorders in the areas of language, articulation, fluency and voice which adversely affect educational progress. This is a very important role for students with language or communication disorders.

Daily responsibilities of SLP may include:

  • Conducts speech language and hearing screenings as necessary.
  • Adheres to established timelines for re-evaluations, annual reviews, and submissions of compliance paperwork and reports.
  • Conducts assessments, analyzing results, and writing reports to determine strengths and concerns in area of speech, voice, fluency, pragmatics, language, and oral motor skills.
  • Follows due process procedures with regard to screening, evaluations, and placement of students into speech therapy.
  • Attends and/or conducts Individualized Education Program (IEP) conferences in a professional manner with appropriate knowledge of state guidelines, district policies, and federal legislation.
  • Writes and updates appropriate and effective annual and short-term goals for every student on caseload.
  • Acts as Team Leader for assigned students.
  • Provides speech/language services as prescribed by students’ IEPs.
  • Establishes and maintains a therapy schedule which is compatible to student and staff at the school.
  • Keeps therapy data for program planning and decision making for individual students.
  • Submits reports which meet local and state requirements.
  • Maintains current files for use by authorized school personnel.
  • Safeguards confidentiality of student records.
  • Maintains accurate and ongoing Medicaid documentation and submits in accordance with local guidelines.
  • Completes daily service notes and progress reports according to school timeline.
  • Works in cooperation with school faculty for various meetings, professional development, committees, etc.
  • Attends professional development opportunities as provided by the district.
  • Provides information input/feedback for parents through a variety of communication techniques.
  • Maintains inventory per school of assessments and equipment/materials.
  • Prepares materials and provides professional development for staff needs to include augmentative or alternative communication systems or feeding as needed or per job responsibility.
  • Provides services for homebound and private students, if warranted.
  • Maintains mileage as appropriate and applicable.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Executive or Academic Director

About us: PACE Academy is a tuition-FREE public charter school that specializes in meeting the unique instructional needs of students with dyslexia and other reading struggles. We are projected to have 224 students enrolled during the 2022-2023 school year with an expected student service time need of approximately 25 hours weekly.

About the role: This is a 190-day position. The person in this role will be a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist in the state of South Carolina. The potential employee has the option to either be a contracted service provider or a full-time employee of PACE Academy.