Shana Herndon
Music Teacher

I am the eternal kid trapped in an ever-aging adult body. I love the honesty and transparency of children. I love how mad they get when they lose at four-square, anxiety-ridden when performing a musical piece on stage, and pumped when they play the boomwackers to a bass-driven, fast song. I have taught piano privately for thirty years and currently serve as Director of Children’s Ministries at Springvale Baptist Church. I am the mother of four daughters and wife to “Mr. Wonderful’. Whether through my daughters, my mom, brother or deceased father-in-law, disability has always been a part of my life. I believe this gives me a special insight into the role of siblings and parents as they raise their children with disabilities. I truly believe music is a vehicle to transport children to their greatest potential to bring beauty, energy, and light to the world.