Duke Folda
5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Folda was born on a dark and stormy afternoon. He has been alive for quite a while now and done some amazing things. Here are a few, hope your minds don’t get blown! He grew up in Washington and Colorado with his older sister and younger brother. So, Mr. Folda is your typical awesome middle child. He met his future spouse while working as a projectionist at a movie theater while attending school in Utah. Mr. Folda finally graduated college from California State University-Sacramento. He would later get his Master’s Degree from UNLV. So, it is more than okay to address him as “Master Folda.” He has been now teaching for 11 years. Enough about how smart Mr. Folda is. He has 5 kids that are growing up fast. They don’t have any pets due to a severe allergy to cats and rabbits and probably dogs also. Mr. Folda enjoys watching most sporting events. Especially if Leeds United or the Denver Broncos are playing. He also really enjoys watching college basketball. He really likes Thai food due to living in Thailand for 2 years as a missionary. I am nearly out of space, so the most important thing about Mr. Folda everyone should know is that he really likes